Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Update and WEN hair care

I realize that that I said I would be doing more post now that school is over but my grandmother had gotten really sick and was hospitalized and has to get treatment in a different town. So I'm have been coping and dealing with that the last few months. But she is doing better and is in the next step of recovery.

For the last 3 months I have been using WEN hair care. I know, you see it on the tv constantly and think " yea right", but it actually works. Let me tell you why I started using WEN, I have a very sensitive scalp and have tried high end salon products to drug store products. Well in my recent, adventure of trying a new shampoo I tried Wella calming shampoo.  Which looks like this 👇below


And let me say this shampoo destroyed my hair. It dried it out and left it feeling heavy and my hair fell out in handfuls. The conditioner is what for me. It was $12.95 and in a 3oz jar. I have thick corse hair, that is colored and it did nothing for my head. I had no much built up on top of the sores from tresmeme shampoo( which I loved but my head didn't.) I was at the point where I was going to have to cut my 20" hair to about half. So I figured " what the hell, I don't know what else to try." So I ordered WEN. Now, I heard about the hair failing and it messing up people's hair. But I was desperate . So I ordered the deluxe kit in the seasonal scent coconut mango. It came with 3 bottles and a deep conditioning treatment, anti- frizz styling cream,replenishing moisturizing spray, and smoothing serum. I pay about $40 a month and got the whole shipment at once.  The first few months I did lose a lot of hair. And I mean a lot. But in the end my hair got softer, longer, lighter, and my color ( pink) didn't rinse out at all. I still have it in my hair actually. I found I didn't have to use as many styling products and hardly had use my straighter. Of course I still use I but just not has often. I now blow dry my hair and with the WEN products its not fuzzy and lies smooth. I do have a hard time back combing because of the detangler in it, but I'm going to be trying the volumizing spray. So in  the long run I say give WEN a try. Your hair smells great and you find you don't have to wash it as often saving your color. 

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